Man pages for vgpprasad91/graph
graph: A package to handle graph data structures

acc-methodsMethods for Accessibility Lists
adj-methodsMethods for finding the adjacency list for selected nodes.
apoptosisGraphKEGG apoptosis pathway graph
attrData-classClass "attrData"
attrDataItem-methodsGet and set attributes values for items in an attrData object
attrDefaults-methodsGet and set the default attributes of an attrData object
aveNumEdgesCalculate the average number of edges in a graph
biocReposA graph representing the Bioconductor package repository
boundaryReturns the Boundary between a Graph and a SubGraph
buildRepDepGraphFunctionality to manage repository dependency graphs
calcProbCalculate the hypergeometric probability of the subgraph's...
calcSumProbCalculate the probability that a subgraph has an unusual...
clusterGraph-classClass "clusterGraph"
clusteringCoefficient-methodsClustering coefficient of a graph
DFSDepth First Search
distGraph-classClass "distGraph"
edgeDataDefaults-methodsGet and set default attributes for the edges of a graph
edgeData-methodsGet and set attributes for the edges of a graph object
edgeMatrixCompute an Edge Matrix or weight vector for a Graph
edgeSetsMultiGraph edgeSet data
edgeWeightsRetrieve the edge weights of a graph
fromGXL-methodsMethods for GXL manipulations in package graph
graph2SparseMCoercion methods between graphs and sparse matrices
graphAM-classClass "graphAM"
graphBAM-classEXPERIMENTAL class "graphBAM"
graph-classClass "graph"
graphExamplesA List Of Example Graphs
graphNEL-classClass "graphNEL"
IMCAKEGG Integrin Mediated Cell Adhesion graph
inEdgesGeneric Method inEdges
internalVariables used for internal purposes
isAdjacent-methodsDetermine if nodes share an edge in a graph
isDirected-methodsDetermine if a graph has directed or undirected edges
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