Man pages for vijaybarve/bdclean
A user-friendly data cleaning app for the inexperienced R user.

australian.carnivoraAustralian Carnivora dataset.
bdcleanbdclean: Biodiversity Data Cleaning Workflows.
BdQuestion-classThe Question Reference Class
BdQuestionContainer-classThe Question Container Reference Class
clean_dataData cleaning according to Questionnaire Responses.
cleaning_functionData decision function (binary decision) required in bdclean...
create_default_questionnaireCreate the package default Questionnaire.
create_report_dataGenrate data required to create report, function required in...
earliestDateClean data based on earliest date.
get_checks_listReturning checks list, function required in bdclean internal...
getUserResponseInternal function for getting user response
perform_CleaningData decision function (threshold tuning) required in bdclean...
run_bdcleanLaunch bdclean Shiny Application
run_questionnaireExecute the Questionnaire and save user responses.
spatialResolutionClean data based on spatial resolution
taxoLevelClean data based on lower taxon level
temporalResolutionClean data based on temporal resolution
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