Man pages for vinny-paris/DnD
Dungeons & Dragons Character Creator

armor.classArmor Class Creator
character_tablesClass Tables
check_rollCheck Rolls for Skills
check_roll.defaultCheck Rolls for Skills Default Will allow for a skill check...
check_roll.DnDCheck Rolls for Skills
Class_SpellsSpells Known by Class fully labeld
class_tableSkills known by each Class
damageCurrent HP damage modifier
damage.defaultCurrent HP damage modifier
damage.DnDCurrent HP damage modifier
DnDDnD Character Generator
healCurrent HP health modifier
heal.defaultHeal a DnD Character
heal.DnDHeal a DnD Character
hp.calculatorHit Points Calculator
initiativeInitiative Rolls
initiative.defaultInitiative Roller
initiative.DnDInitiative Roller
my.spellsSpell Creator
para_searchFinds the pattern matches in paragraphs of spells
profProficiency Vector
race_tableStatistic Bonus given by each Race
restCurrent HP maximizer
rest.defaultCurrent HP maximizer
rest.DnDCurrent HP maximizer
rollDice Rolling Function
saving_throwSaving Throws
saving_throw.defaultSaving Throws
saving_throw.DnDSaving Throws
search_spellsSearch Spells for a given pattern
Skills_by_ClassSkills known by each Class
spell_descriptionSpell Descriptions
Spell_ListSpells given by level
Spells_by_ClassSpells Known by Class
stat.rollStatistics Creator
stats_tablePrefered Statistics for Each Class
StoriesBackground information for characters
weaponsWeapons List
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