Man pages for vivekkohar/sRACIPE
Systems biology tool to simulate gene regulatory circuits

annotation-RacipeSE-methodA method to get the annotation
annotation-set-RacipeSE-ANY-methodA method to set the circuit name or annotation
configDataConfiguration Data
CoupledToggleSwitchSAFive coupled toggle switches
demoCircuitA toggle switch circuit for demonstrations
EMT1A circuit for epithelial to mesenchymal transition
EMT2A circuit for epithelial to mesenchymal transition including...
RacipeSERacipeSE constructor
sRACIPEsRACIPE: A package for stochastic random circuit...
sracipeCircuitMethod to get the circuit
sracipeCircuit-setInitialize the circuit
sracipeConfigA method to access the simulation hyperparameters
sracipeConfig-setA method to access the simulation hyperparameters
sracipeGenParamNamesGenerate parameter names for a circuit
sracipeICA method to get the initial conditions used for simulations
sracipeIC-setA method to set the initial conditions
sracipeKnockDownPerform in-silico knockdown analysis
sracipeNormalizeNormalize the simulated gene expression
sracipeOverExpPerform in-silico over expression analysis
sracipeParamsA method to access the simulation parameters
sracipeParams-setA method to set the simulation parameters
sracipePlotCircuitPlot Gene Regulatory Circuit
sracipePlotDataPlot sRACIPE data
sracipePlotParamBifurParameter bifurcation plots
sracipeSimulateSimulate a gene regulatory circuit
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