sketch of build system shortcuts ..

Major issue to make this work: pkgbuild had to be modified to avoid querying user on actions taken on inst/doc contents when present the fork with a special version number is at

See this issue for basic layout of tasks working as of July 7 2019, leading to configuration of a linux builder and creation of 1700 software tarballs in half a day on a 24 core machine with 60GB RAM; the builder configuration is about 3h and does not need to be repeated in extenso; the tarball creation is 2 minutes/package/core on average.

basic ideas:

to populate a folder with clones of all software packages in Bioconductor git:

library(BiocBBSpack) # uses BiocPkgTools
sapply(bioc_software_packagelist(), getpk)

to build a tarball for a package (R CMD build, using pkgbuild package) use build1(), which will install, as needed, all dependencies identified inBiocPkgTools::buildPkgDependencyDataFrame()before runningpkgbuild::build`

For ubuntu 18.04, the linux package set is listed in inst/ubuntu

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