Man pages for vz-risk/verisr
Tools for working with VERIS objects

foldmatrixFold a verisr object into a numeric matrix of proportions
geta4namesConvenience function for the a4 names and values +...
getenum2Extract counts from one or more enumerations
getenumCISummarizes veris enumerations from verisr objects
getenumlistreturn a list matching vcdb ordering and length with...
getenum.singleGet a data.frame of counts from an enumeration
getenumSRCSummarizes veris enumerations from verisr objects
getlastGet the last element from a column name
getlastactionGet the last element from a column name, include action
getlogicalConvenience function to pull the logical columns from verisr...
getnthGet the nth element from a column name
getpatternDetermine the patterns from the 2014 Verizon DBIR
getVarietyAmountInternal: Expand variety
getverisdfMerges veriscol and parseProps in a single object.
getvnamelongInternal: Get fields names using a long method
getvnamesInternal: Get fields names
industry2Metadata for 2-digit NAICS industry classification
industry3Metadata for 3-digit NAICS industry classification
json2verisRead in all the VERIS incidents (JSON files) in a given...
mkenumsCreate a raw list of all column names expected from JSON...
nameverisReturn a dense and complete list of VERIS variables and...
nameveris.recursReturn a dense list of only the VERIS variables and values in...
parsePropsMap VERIS fields to data type.
plota4Given a verisr object it will create a ggplot of the a4 grid
plot.verisrDisplays a four panel barplot of a verisr object
post.procPost process the veris object to add convenience fields.
simplebarReturns a simple bar plot of enumeration data.table
sortvmatrixInternal: sort veris columns
summary.verisrDisplays a useful description of a verisr object
veris2csvget matrix for CSV
veriscolCreate a list of all column names expected from JSON schema.
veris.samplesample data file to test/explore verisr
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