foldmatrix: Fold a verisr object into a numeric matrix of proportions

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given a verisr object and a list of features (columns) and objects (rows), this will create a numeric matrix of the data suitable for further veris, hclust or other dist() analysis.


foldmatrix(veris, cols = NULL, rows = NULL, min = 1, clean = T)



a veris matrix object


a vector of features to use in the columns, if left empty, it will use all the logical columns in the input matrix.


a vector of column names or a named list of filters to use as the rows in the folded matrix


the minimum number of matches a row must have to be considered, defaults to 1


if TRUE, this will look for anything that will mess up a veris or MDS function and remove it, this includes empty rows and columns as well as columns with zero variance.


Each cell within the matrix will be a proprotion of incidents that either have the object or match the pattern passed in a names list, depending if the rows argument is a vector of column names or a names list of logical filters respectively.

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