Man pages for wStockhausen/wtsPlots
Functions for creating various types of plots

plotCompsAsCirclesCreate or add to a circle plot of age or size comp.s.
plotCompsAsCircles.ByFactorPlot size/age comps as circles by levels of a factor in a...
plotCompsAsCircles.dataframePlot size/age comps in a dataframe as circles
plotErrorBars.HAdd horizontal error bars to current plot
plotErrorBars.VAdd vertical error bars to current plot
plotMDFR.BarLinePlot melted dataframe using a barchart/line-plot format.
plotMDFR.BarsPlot melted dataframe using a barchart format.
plotMDFR.BubblesPlot melted dataframe using a bubble plot format
plotMDFR.XYPlot melted dataframe using an xy-plot format.
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