Man pages for waldronlab/GSEABenchmarkeR
Reproducible GSEA Benchmarking

bpPlotCustomized boxplot visualization of benchmark results
cacheResourceCaching of a resource
evalNrSigSetsEvaluating gene set rankings for the number of (significant)...
evalRandomGSEvaluation of enrichment methods on random gene sets
evalRelevanceEvaluating phenotype relevance of gene set rankings
evalTypeIErrorEvaluation of the type I error rate of enrichment methods
loadEDataLoading pre-defined and user-defined expression data
maPreprocPreprocessing of microarray expression data
readDataId2diseaseCodeMapRead a mapping between dataset ID and disease code
readResultsReading results of enrichment analysis
runDEDifferential expression analysis for datasets of a compendium
runEAApplication of enrichment methods to multiple datasets
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