mts_publish_tileset: Publish a tileset with Mapbox Tiling Service

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mts_publish_tilesetR Documentation

Publish a tileset with Mapbox Tiling Service


mts_publish_tileset() publishes an existing vector tileset at your Mapbox account, allowing you to use the vector tiles in your projects. The tileset name will be the same name you specified in mts_create_tileset().


mts_publish_tileset(tileset_name, username, access_token = NULL)



The name of the tileset (as supplied to mts_create_tileset())


Your Mapbox username


Your Mapbox access token


The published tileset will conform to rules specified in its recipe. If you want to change the recipe for a tileset, use mts_update_recipe() then re-publish the tileset with a call to mts_publish_tileset() once more.


The response from the Mapbox Tiling Service API, formatted as an R list.

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## Not run: 
options(tigris_use_cache = TRUE)

# Get the national data on median age
us_median_age_tract <- get_acs(
  geography = "tract",
  variables = "B01002_001",
  state = c(, "DC"),
  year = 2020,
  geometry = TRUE

# Get it for counties as well
us_median_age_county <- get_acs(
  geography = "county",
  variables = "B01002_001",
  year = 2020,
  geometry = TRUE

# Create a source from the datasets
mts_create_source(data = us_median_age_tract,
                  tileset_id = "us_median_age_tract",
                  username = "your_mapbox_username")

mts_create_source(data = us_median_age_county,
                  tileset_id = "us_median_age_county",
                  username = "your_mapbox_username")

# Build out the recipe.  First, create a recipe layer with
# appropriate options.  We'll want a larger tile size and to restrict the minzoom
# to 4; a maxzoom of 12 will be fine as we can overzoom beyond that
# Your source ID will be returned by `mts_create_source()`, so use that value
tract_layer <- recipe_layer(
  source = "mapbox://tileset-source/your_mapbox_username/us_median_age_tract",
  minzoom = 4,
  maxzoom = 12,
  tiles = tile_options(layer_size = 2500)

county_layer <- recipe_layer(
  source = "mapbox://tileset-source/your_mapbox_username/us_median_age_county",
  minzoom = 2,
  maxzoom = 5

recipe <- mts_make_recipe(tracts = tract_layer, counties = county_layer)

# Validate the recipe

# Create a tileset from the recipe
mts_create_tileset(tileset_name = "median_age_acs",
                   username = "your_mapbox_username",
                   recipe = recipe)

# Publish the tileset
mts_publish_tileset(tileset_name = "median_age_acs",
                    username = "your_mapbox_username")

# If necessary, update the recipe
mts_update_recipe(tileset_name = "median_age_acs",
                  username = "your_mapbox_username",
                  recipe = new_recipe)

# Publish the tileset again after you've updated the recipe
mts_publish_tileset(tileset_name = "median_age_acs",
                    username = "your_mapbox_username")

## End(Not run)

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