Man pages for walkerke/tigris
Load Census TIGER/Line Shapefiles

address_rangesDownload an address range features shapefile into R
alaska_native_regional_corporationsDownload an Alaska Native Regional Corporation shapefile into...
append_geoidRetrieve GEOID from the Census Geocoder by address
area_waterDownload an area water shapefile into R
block_groupsDownload a Census block groups shapefile into R, and...
blocksDownload a Census block shapefile into R
call_geolocatorCall geolocator for one address
call_geolocator_latlonCall geolocator for one address with lat/lon, adds option to...
coastlineDownload a shapefile of the US coastline into R
combined_statistical_areasDownload a combined statistical areas shapefile into R
congressional_districtsDownload a congressional districts shapefile for the 114th...
core_based_statistical_areasDownload a core-based statistical area shapefile into R
countiesDownload a US Counties shapefile into R, and optionally...
county_subdivisionsDownload a county subdivision shapefile into R
divisionsDownload a US Census divisions cartographic boundary...
filter_placeFilter a 'places' Spatial object for only those places...
filter_stateFilter a 'states' Spatial object for only those states...
fips_codesDataset with FIPS codes for US states and counties
geo_joinEasily merge a data frame to a spatial data frame
grep_placeFind places matching a term in a 'places' object
grep_stateFind states matching a term in a 'state' object
is_tigrisReturns 'TRUE' if 'obj' has a 'tigris' attribute
landmarksDownload a point or area landmarks shapefile into R
linear_waterDownload an linear water shapefile into R
list_countiesReturn a data frame of county names & FIPS codes for a given...
list_placesReturn a list of all the places in a 'places' object
list_statesReturn a list of all the states in a 'state' object
lookup_codeLook up state and county codes
metro_divisionsDownload a metropolitan divisions shapefile into R.
militaryDownload the Military Installation National Shapefile into R
nationDownload a US national boundary shapefile into R
native_areasDownload an American Indian / Alaska Native / Native Hawaiian...
new_englandDownload a New England City and Town Area shapefile into R
placesDownload a Census-designated places shapefile into R
primary_roadsDownload a national primary roads shapefile into R
primary_secondary_roadsDownload a primary & secondary roads shapefile into R
pumasDownload a Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) shapefile into R
railsDownload a national rails shapefile into R
rbind_tigrisRow-bind 'tigris' Spatial objects
regionsDownload a US regions cartographic boundary shapefile into R
roadsDownload a roads shapefile into R
school_districtsDownload a school district shapefile into R
state_legislative_districtsDownload a state legislative districts shapefile into R -...
statesDownload shapefile for all states into R
tigrisDownload and use U.S. Census TIGER shapefiles in R
tigris_cache_dirSet the cache directory to store shapefiles with tigris
tigris-exportstigris exported operators
tigris_typeGet the type of 'tigris' object 'obj' is
tractsDownload a Census tracts shapefile into R, and optionally...
tribal_block_groupsDownload a Tribal block groups shapefile into R.
tribal_census_tractsDownload a Tribal Census tract shapefile into R.
tribal_subdivisions_nationalDownload an American Indian Tribal Subdivision National...
urban_areasDownload an urban areas shapefile into R
voting_districtsDownload a voting districts shapefile (2012 TIGER/Line) into...
zctasDownload a Zip Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA) shapefile into R
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