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From the US Census Bureau: "ANRCs are corporations created according to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. They are organized under the laws of the State of Alaska as "Regional Corporations," to conduct both the for-profit and non-profit affairs of Alaska Natives within defined regions of Alaska." For more information, please see the Census technical documentation at the link provided.





If cb is set to TRUE, download a generalized (1:500k) file. Defaults to FALSE (the most detailed TIGER/Line file)


the data year (defaults to 2016).


arguments to be passed to the underlying 'load_tiger' function, which is not exported. Options include refresh, which specifies whether or not to re-download shapefiles (defaults to FALSE).

See Also

Other native/tribal geometries functions: native_areas, tribal_block_groups, tribal_census_tracts, tribal_subdivisions_national

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