Man pages for weirichs/eatTools
Additional functions for educational assessment tools

aggregateDataOldAggregate variables to items and/or scales.
asNumericIfPossibleConvert a Vector or Data Frame Into Numeric Values If...
catch_asNumericIfPossibleUse asNumericIfPossible with modified warning.
contr.wec.weightedCalculates contrasts for a weighted factor variable based on...
convertLabelTransform SPSS variable and value labels into ZKD convention.
copyScanSelectionCopy booklet scan selection to desired directory
createLabelListCreates a data.frame with variable and value labels from...
createSpssSyntaxSnippetPrepare SPSS syntax to transfer variable and value labels...
cropRemove Trailing and Leading Characters From Character Strings
deskDescriptive statistics for one or several variables
existsBackgroundVariablesInternally needed function for consistency checks and data...
facToCharTransform columns in a data frame
get.lmer.effectsextract results
get.lmer.effects.forBootMer'get.lmer.effects' for bootstrap
gsubAllPattern matching and replacement
halveStringSplit string exactly in two parts
intGenGenerate interaction terms for lm formulas
item.logitSimulates 1PL or 2PL responses
make.pseudoTransform ratings from real raters into pseudo ratings
meanAgreemean agreement among several raters
meanKappaCohens kappa among several raters
mergeAttrMerge Two Data Frames and maintain variable attributes
multiseqmultiple sequences continuous variables into ordered factors
raterVariable ratings for 1287 examinees, 7 variables and 4...
reinsort.colInsert Columns into a Data Frame in a Specific Position
removeNonNumericRemoves all non-numeric characters from a string.
removeNumericRemoves alphanumeric characters from a string.
removePatternRemoves a specified pattern from a string.
save.lmer.effectsSave lme4-output to disc
set.col.typeSet the Class of Columns in a Data Frame
tablePatternCreates skeleton for frequency tables with desired values
tableUnlistFrequency table for data frames, e.g. across multiple columns
wideToLongTransform wide format data sets into the long format...
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