Man pages for whirlsyu/EnMCB
Predicting Disease Progression Based on Methylation Correlated Blocks using Ensemble Models frame ridge matrix
as.ridgematridge matrix
CompareMCBCompare multiple methylation correlated blocks lists
create_democreate demo matrix
demo_dataExpression matrix of demo dataset.
demo_MCBinformationMCB information.
demo_survival_dataSurvival data of demo dataset.
DiffMCBDifferential expressed methylation correlated blocks
draw_survival_curvedraw survival curve
ensemble_modelTrainging stacking ensemble model for Methylation Correlation...
ensemble_predictionfitting function using stacking ensemble model for...
fast_roc_calculationFast calculation of AUC for ROC using parallel strategy
IdentifyMCBIdentification of methylation correlated blocks
IdentifyMCB_parallelIdentification of methylation correlated blocks with parallel...
metricMCBCalculation of the metric matrix for Methylation Correlation...
metricMCB.cvCalculation of model AUC for Methylation Correlation Blocks...
multi_coxphmultivariate survival analysis using coxph
predict.mcb.coxph.penalpredict coxph penal using MCB
pre_process_methylationPreprocess the Beta value matrix
univ_coxphunivariate and multivariate survival analysis using coxph
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