loadExperiment: Load experimental design and source data.

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This function loads an experimental design and source data files described by that design. Both are checked for validity and consistency. It returns an experiment object (a list), which is used as the input for all downstream analysis functions.


loadExperiment(path = getwd(), design = loadDesign(path, "design.yaml",
  findFiles = findFiles), findFiles = TRUE)



A path to a directory where source files and (optionally) a design file can be found. Defaults to the current working directory.


A design object, usually created by loadDesign. By default an experimental design will be loaded from the first file found in the projectPath that has a name containing 'design.yaml'.


Boolean. If TRUE, the paths to the design file and data files can be complete file names or patterns to use to find a file in the project path; if no exact file name match is found then the first file which fits the pattern is picked.


Several vignettes are included with this package to fully document the options for input files. Run vignette('design-files') for a description of the design file format. Run vignette('source-files') for a description of supported input file formats and loader functions.


An experiment object that serves as input to downstream analysis functions.

See Also

loadDesign for finer control over loading a design from a file or a list, newDesign for creating a template design.yaml file, viewExperiment for an interactive viewer shiny gadget.

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