Man pages for whtns/varbintools
Sequence Based Copy Number Detection Using Variable Bin Lengths

bin_median_filterBin Median filter
breakpoint_filterBreakpoint Filtering
CNProcessingCentromeresCN Processing Centromeres
combine.funcCombining two levels with given medians in a given samples
create_chr_barCreate Chromosome Bar
filter_vb_fileFilter VB file
format_chr_for_plotFormat Chr for Plot
format_ggaesFormat ggaes
gene_annoGene Annotation
lowess.gcLOWESS GC normalization
MergeLevelsLevel Merging Function
pipePipe operator
plot_binPlot Bin Reads
plot_loess_segmentsPlot Loess
plot_merged_segmentsPlot Merged Segments
pretty_ratio_plotMake a pretty ratio plot
ratio_plotPlot a Ratio Plot
render_varbin_dashboardRender Varbin Dashboard
segment_varbinSegment Varbin
varbin_complexheatmapVarbin Complex Heatmap
varbin_consensus_complexheatmapVarbin Consensus Complex Heatmap
varbin_heatmapHeatmap in Varbin
varbin_heatmap.3Heatmap 3
varbin_phenoRun Phenograph on varbin data
varbin_umapmake umap of varbin data
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