Man pages for wikum/divergence
Divergence: Functionality for assessing omics data by divergence with respect to a baseline

breastTCGA_ERER positive or negative status of breast tumor samples
breastTCGA_GroupNormal or Tumor status of breast samples
breastTCGA_MatGene expression for 260 genes in 887 breast samples
computeChiSquaredTestCompute chi-squared test
computeMultivariateBinaryMatrixCompute the binary matrix with digitized divergence coding
computeMultivariateDigitizationPerform binary digitization
computeMultivariateSupportEstimate the baseline support
computeQuantileMatrixCompute quantile transformations
computeUnivariateDigitizationPerform ternary digitization
computeUnivariateSupportEstimate the baseline support
computeUnivariateTernaryMatrixCompute the ternary matrix with digitized divergence coding
findMultivariateGammaWithSupportFind optimal gamma and corresponding support for list of...
findUnivariateGammaWithSupportSearch for optimal gamma and associated support
msigdb_HallmarksCancer Hallmark gene sets from the MSigDB collection
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