Man pages for wind22zhu/rDNAse
R package for generating various numerical representation schemes of DNA sequences.

diversitydiversity function for make_kmer_vec
dnacheckCheck if the DNA sequence are in the 4 default types
extrDACThe Dinucleotide-based Auto Covariance Descriptor
extrDACCThe Dinucleotide-based Auto-cross Covariance Descriptor
extrDCCThe Dinucleotide-based Cross Covariance Descriptor
extrPseDNCThe Pseudo Dinucleotide Composition Descriptor
extrPseKNCThe Pseudo K-tupler Composition Descriptor
extrTACThe Trinucleotide-based Auto Covariance Descriptor
extrTACCThe Trinucleotide-based Auto-cross Covariance Descriptor
extrTCCThe Trinucleotide-based Cross Covariance Descriptor
getGenbankGet DNA/RNA Sequences from Genbank by GI ID
id_x_sid_x_s function for make_kmer_vec
kmerThe Basic Kmer Descriptor
make_idkmer_vecThe Increment Of Diversity Descriptors
make_kmer_indexCalculate The Basic Kmer Feature Vector
parGOSimDNA Sequence Similarity Calculation based on Gene Ontology...
parSeqSimParallellized DNA/RNA Sequence Similarity Calculation based...
readFASTARead DNA/RNA Sequences in FASTA Format
revcharsThe Reverse chars
twoGOSimDNA Similarity Calculation based on Gene Ontology (GO)...
twoSeqSimDNA/RNA Sequence Alignment for Two DNA/RNA Sequences
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