Man pages for wqmeeker/RTseries
Interactive Time Series Analysis Tools

add.textAnnotate Plots.
arima.contour.plotARIMA Model Likelihood Contour Plot
arima.likelihood.plotARIMA Model Likelihood Plot
arma.rootsAR or MA Polynomial Roots
att.stock.tsdAT&T Stock Price
boston.robberies.tsdBoston Armed Robberies
change.inventory.tsdChange in Business Inventories
color.testColor Test
cumsum2Integrate a time series
device.inventory.tsdDevice Inventory Levels
DurbinComputes the pacf using the Durbin method
estiARIMA Model Estimation
female.unemployment.tsdFemale Unemployment Rate
gas.oil.tsdGas and Oil Consumption
gasrx.tsdGas Furnace Input Rate
gasry.tsdGas Furnace Percent CO2 Output
hstartHousing Starts
idenARIMA Model Identification
iden.simModel Identification Using Simulated Data
lead.matrixLeading Indicator Matrix
ls.modeList Objects of a Given Mode
machine.tool.ship.tsdMachine-Tool Shipments
male.unemployment.tsdMale Unemployment Rate
model.pdqSpecify an ARIMA Model
multiple.acf.simTime Series Model Simulation and ACF Plot Interval Simulation
multiple.pi.simPrediction Intervals Simulation
multiple.probplot.simProbability Plot Simulation
ohio.tsdOhio Elecricity Consumption
ozone.tsdOzone Air Polution Values
PassengersAirline Passenger Numbers
pauseAllows a pause in the running of an R function.
plot.tsdPlot Time Series Data Object
psi.weightsCompute psi weights for an ARMA model
RTseriesExtDataPathPath to RTseries External Data Sets.
savings.ratePersonal Savings as a Percent of Disposable Personal Income
seasonal.predictionsSeasonal Prediction
shaded.tsplotShaded Time Series Plot
show.acfScatter Plots Illustrating Autoorrelation
show.impulse.responseCompute and plot the impulse response function
show.true.acfpacfTrue ACF and PACF Functions
simnsa.tsdSimulated Time Series A
simnsb.tsdSimulated Time Series B
simnsc.tsdSimulated Time Series C
simnsd.tsdSimulated Time Series D
simnse.tsdSimulated Time Series E
simnsf.tsdSimulated Time Series F
simsta04.tsdSimulated Time Series 04
simsta05.tsdSimulated Time Series 05
simsta06.tsdSimulated Time Series 06
simsta07.tsdSimulated Time Series 07
simsta08.tsdSimulated Time Series 08
simsta09.tsdSimulated Time Series 09
simsta11.tsdSimulated Time Series 11
simsta13.tsdSimulated Time Series 13
simsta15.tsdSimulated Time Series 15
spot.tsdWolfer Sunspot Numbers
ts.cumsumTime Series Cumulative Sum
tsdCreate a Time Series Data Object
ts.diag.summaryTime Series Diagnostic Plots for AR Models
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