Man pages for wulingyun/CopTea
Combinatorial OPTimization based Enrichment Analysis

build_sim_netBuild the gene similarity network from annoations
columnExtract a column from a matrix
CopTea-packageCopTea - Combinatorial optimization based enrichment analysis
get_annotated_genesGet annotated gene list
get_annotationsGet annotations from databases
get_gene_setsTransform the gene lists into the matrix of gene sets
get_GO_annotationsExtract GO temrs information from GO annotation
get_GO_leafsGet GO leaf terms
get_significant_termsGet significant term list
id_mappingMapping between different gene ids
id_mapping_from_symbolMapping gene symbols to central ids
id_mapping_speciesMapping gene central ids from one species to other species
id_mapping_to_symbolMapping central ids to gene symbols
kappa_scoreCohen's kappa score
read_netRead network information from text file
require_biocLoad a Bioconductor package
rmultihyperThe Multivariate Hypergeometric Distribution
submatrixExtract a sub-matrix from a matrix
toMatrixTurn a two-columns mapping table to matrix
write_netWrite network information to text file
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