Man pages for xiaolicbs/samplyzer

calZscoreCalculate z-score of a vector or QC metrics of a...
calZscore.defaultCalculate z-score of a vector
calZscore.sampleDatasetCalculate z-scores of QC metrics of a SampleDataset
dim.sampleDatasetShow dimensions of sample dataset object
dot-bamQcMetrdefault bam QC parameters from picard tools
dot-multiplotWithSharedLegendGenerate multiple plots with shared figure legend
dot-scatterProduce a scatter plot from a data frame
flagSamplesFlag a sample
flagSamples.defaultFlag a sample from a data frame
flagSamples.sampleDatasetFlag a sample from a sample data set
getAttrGet attributes of an object
getAttr.sampleDatasetGet attributes of a SampleDataset
hasAttrCheck whether the sampleDataset has attributes provided
inferAncestryPredict sample ancestry from genotype Principle Components
inferAncestry.defaultInfer anestry with KNN
inferAncestry.sampleDatasetInfer sample ancestry
PCplotsGenerate PC plot of an SampleDataset Object
sampleDatasetSample dataset object
sampleQcPlotGenerate scatter plot of QC metrics according to samples
sampleQcPlot.defaultGenerate scatter plot of QC metrics
sampleQcPlot.sampleDatasetGenerate a panel of sample QC plots across a list of...
saveSave an object to a specific format
save.sampleDatasetWrite sample dataset to tsv, RDS or excel files with S3...
setAttrUpdate a Sample Data Set
setAttr.sampleDatasetSet attributes of a sample dataset
sort.sampleDatasetUpdate index of sample dataset by different annotation...
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