Man pages for xyang2uchicago/seq2pathway19
a novel tool for functional gene-set (or termed as pathway) analysis of next-generation sequencing data

addDescriptionRetrieve "gene description" attributes for gene symbol.
Chipseq_Peak_demochip seq loci data example
dat_chipchip seq data example
dat_RNARNA sequence data example
FisherTest_GO_BP_MF_CCA wrapper function to perform the Fisher's exact test, using...
FisherTest_MsigDBA wrapper function to perform conditional Fisher's exact...
gene2pathway_testA wrapper function to perform gene2pathway test.
GRanges_demoloci information with GRanges format
plotTop10A wrapper function to plot top10 test results.
runseq2geneR wrapped python function to map genomic regions on the...
runseq2pathwayAn function to perform the runseq2pathway algorithm(s).
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