Man pages for yihui/xfun
Miscellaneous Functions by 'Yihui Xie'

attrObtain an attribute of an object without partial matching
download_fileTry various methods to download a file
embed_fileEmbed a file, multiple files, or directory on an HTML page
file_extManipulate filename extensions
file_stringRead a text file and concatenate the lines by "\n"
gsub_fileSearch and replace strings in files
in_dirEvaluate an expression under a specified working directory
install_dirInstall a source package from a directory
is_asciiCheck if a character vector consists of entirely ASCII...
isFALSETest if an object is identical to 'FALSE'
native_encodeTry to use the system native encoding to represent a...
normalize_pathNormalize paths
numbers_to_wordsConvert numbers to English words
optipngRun OptiPNG on all PNG files under a directory
osTest for types of operating systems
parse_onlyParse R code and do not keep the source
pkg_attachAttach or load packages, and automatically install missing...
prose_indexFind the indices of lines in Markdown that are prose (not...
protect_mathProtect math expressions in pairs of backticks in Markdown
raw_stringPrint a character vector in its raw form
read_utf8Read / write files encoded in UTF-8
rev_checkRun 'R CMD check' on the reverse dependencies of a package
RscriptRun the commands 'Rscript' and 'R CMD'
rstudio_typeType a character vector into the RStudio source editor
same_pathTest if two paths are the same after they are normalized
session_infoAn alternative to sessionInfo() to print session information
strict_listStrict lists
tojsonA simple JSON serializer
try_silentTry to evaluate an expression silently
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