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TEAM land use and cover change data processing toolkit

accuracyCalculate statistics summarizing classification accuracy
accuracy-classA class for representing accuracy assessment results
adj_areasCalculated adjusted class areas for an image classification
apply_windowedApply a raster function with edge effects over a series of...
ARVICalculates the Atmospherically Resistant Vegetation Index...
ASTER_V002_EASTSubset of ASTER Digital Elevation Model V002
ASTER_V002_WESTSubset of ASTER Digital Elevation Model V002
auto_calc_predictorsCalculate predictor layers for a classification
auto_chg_detectPerform change detection for two Landsat CDR surface...
auto_classifyClassify a preprocessed surface reflectance image
auto_cloud_fillAutomated removal of clouds from Landsat CDR imagery
auto_gap_fillAutomated removal of gaps in SLC-off images using GNSPI
auto_normalizeNormalize a set of preprocessed CDR images to a base image
auto_preprocess_landsatPreprocess surface reflectance imagery from the Landsat CDR...
auto_QA_statsCalculate statistics on imagery within an AOI
auto_setup_demSetup the DEM mosaic for a given AOI
browse_imageSimple function to make small preview plot from large raster...
calc_chg_dirCalculate change direction
chg_dirChange Direction Image for CVAPS
chg_magChange Magnitude Image for CVAPS
chg_trajCalculate change-trajectory image
chg_traj_statsCalculate change-trajectory statistics
classifyClassify an image using a trained classifier
class_statisticsExports statistics on pixels within each of a set of land...
cloud_fillCloud fill using the algorithm developed by Xiaolin Zhu
cloud_fill_simpleCloud fill using a simple linear model approach
cloud_removeRemove clouds From Landsat imagery
color_imageAssign class labels to classification file
compcontCalculate a contingency table using the composite operator
DFPSDouble-Window Flexible Pace Search (DFPS) threshold...
ee_plotPlot EarthExplorer scene list
ee_readRead EarthExplorer CSV format scene list
error_adj_area-classA class for error adjusted class areas
espa_downloadDownload a completed ESPA order
espa_extractExtract a set of Landsat tarballs into a folder tree...
espa_scenelistSave scenelist from EarthExplorer metadata for upload to ESPA
EVICalculates the Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI)
extract-methodsExtract part of pixel_data class
fill_gapsPerform SLC-off gap fill of Landsat 7 ETM+ image
get_band_names_from_hdrExtract the band names listed in an ENVI format header file...
get_extent_polysGenerate a SpatialPolygonDataFrame of raster extents
get_metadata_itemExtract a metadata item from a metadata file in GDAL PAM...
get_pixelsExtract observed data for use in a classification (training...
gridsampleDraw a random sample from a grid laid out on a RasterLayer or...
L5TSR_1986Landsat 5 Surface Reflectance Image from February 6, 1986...
L5TSR_1986_2001_trainingTraining polygons for 1986 and 2001 Landsat 5 Surface...
L5TSR_2001Landsat 5 Surface Reflectance Image from January 14, 2001...
linear_stretchApply a linear stretch to an image
ls_catalogCatalog a folder of Landsat images
match_rastersMatch the coordinate system and extent of two rasters
minnaert_sampTopographic correction for satellite imagery using Minnaert...
MSAVI2Calculates the Modified Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index...
NDVICalculates the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
normalizeNormalizes two rasters
n_testGet number of testing pixels in a pixel_data object
n_trainGet number of training pixels in a pixel_data object
nvertsCount number of vertices in an sp polygon object
overlay_polyMake plot of image with overlaid polygon
pixel_data-classA class for representing training or testing data
print.Track_timePrint a Track_time object
proj4compPerforms a rough comparison of two proj4strings to see if...
qgis_colormapCalculate Quantum GIS format color map file
sample_rasterGenerate random sample polygons from a raster layer,...
scale_rasterScales a 'Raster*' by a power of a given integer and rounds...
simplify_polygonSimplify a polygon to contain less than a certain number of...
split_classesSplit classes in a training dataset using normal mixture...
src_nameGet or set src_name for a pixel_data object
start_timerStart a tracking timer
stop_timerStop a tracking timer
subsampleSubsample a pixel_data object
teamlucc-packageTEAM Remote Sensing Processing Tools
thresholdAutomatically determine value for image thresholding
threshold_HuangThreshold an image using Huang's fuzzy thresholding method.
topocorr_sampTopographic correction for satellite imagery
topographic_corrTopographically correct a raster
tpa2dfFunction to convert TIMESAT .tpa binary format file to an R...
tpadf2rasterFunction to convert TIMESAT .tpa data.frame to an R raster.
Track_timeInstantiate a new Track_time object
Track_time-classA class for tracking running time of individual sections of...
train_classifierTrain a random forest or SVM classifier
training_flagGet or set training_flag for a pixel_data object
traj_lutCalculate change-trajectory lookup table
tts2dfFunction to convert TIMESAT .tts binary format to an R...
ttsdf2rasterFunction to convert TIMESAT tts data.frame an R raster.
unstack_ledapscdrConvert Landsat CDR images from HDF4 to GeoTIFF format
utm_zoneGiven a spatial object, calculate the UTM zone of the...
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