Man pages for yzhlinscau/AAfun
ASReml-R Added functions

asreml.batchASReml-R batch analysis
dfm2Tree spacing trial dataset2
dial.combnRecipro and family code of diallel mating.
G.dataGblup trait data
GinvG inverse matrices output
G.markerGblup marker data
G.pedigreeGblup pedigree data
group.plotPlot multicompare result
mc.pedPedigree format transformation
mc.seCount error for h2 and corr
METmulti-environment trial dataset
met.biplotBiplot asreml-MET results
met.corrasreml-MET corr matrix
met.plotPlot asreml-MET data
model.compModel comparison for asreml.
pinCount error for h2 and corr
PrSpaTree spacing trial dataset
snp.batchSNP batch analysis
spd.plotPlot asreml-spatial data or variogram
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