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Meshing Operations on Triangular Meshes

AijklWeightssubfunction of AmbergDeformSpam
AmbergDeformSpamDeform triangular mesh based on correspondences
AmbergRegisterRegister two triangular meshes based on smooth deformation.
applyDisplacementFieldapply a discrete displacement field to a set of points/mesh...
areafunsubfunction of AmbergDeformSpam
bary2pointtransform barycentric coordinates into 3D-coordinates
BBoxSlicesget slices from the bouding box
buildAffineAmbergsubfunction of AmbergDeformSpam
centermesh3dmove the centroid of a mesh to a given coordinate
closeMeshesclose two meshes where one is only an offset of the other
colorMeshAssign a color to a mesh globally
colorTransTransfers vertex colors between meshes.
createArcNodesubfunction of AmbergDeformSpam
createBayescreate an object of class BayesDeform to be used in...
createCsubfunction of AmbergDeformSpam
createDisplacementFieldcreate a discrete displacement field
createJcsubfunction of AmbergDeformSpam
createSsubfunction of AmbergDeformSpam
cropOutsideBBoxremove parts of a mesh outside a bounding box defined by...
cutMeshcrop triangular surface meshes
cylindercreate a mesh representation of a cylinder
decimateListdecimate a list of registered meshes (with corresponding...
displacementField2Gridconvert a discrete irregular displacement field to a...
gaussMatchmap two surface meshes using smoothed displacement fields
getMeshBoxcompute the bounding box of a triangular mesh
getVertColorget the per-vertex colors of an object of class mesh3d
glVisibledetermine visibility of mesh's vertices
icpIterative closest point matching between two triangular...
interpolateDisplacementFieldevaluate a displacement field using gaussian smoothed...
invertDisplacementFieldinvert a displacement field
makeBoxcreate a bounding box as mesh
mat2sparseBlocksubfunction of AmbergDeformSpam
meanMeshesaverage the vertices from a set of corresponding meshes
mesheR-deprecateddeprecated functions of mesheR
mesheR-packageMeshing tools
meshOffsetinflate a mesh along its normals
miniSQmodelminimize mean squared distance between model and a...
mixColorMeshmix vertex colors of two registered meshes.
modelFittingfit a model minimizing the (symmetric) mean squared distance
multisolve3routine for fast inversion of multiple 3x3 matrices
normcheckcompare normal directions between two states of a mesh
outsideBBoxget vertex indices of vertices outside a bounding box
placeDowelsPlace Dowels representing tissue depth on a skull
plotBorderplot all border edges of a triangular mesh
plot.DisplacementFieldvisualize a displacement field
plot.DisplacementPlotplot the output of plot.DisplacementField
remeshListRemesh a list of registered meshes (with corresponding...
removeIntersectThis functions aims to translate two meshes to remove an...
restrictrestrict a landmark config or mesh to probabilistic bounds...
rmInternalsremove vertices within a convex surface mesh
selectIsolatedinteractively select isolated pieces from a mesh
selectVertexselect and crop triangular surface meshes
setVertColorset the per-vertex colors of an object of class mesh3d
smoothDisplacementFieldsmooth a displacement field using Gaussian smoothing
transferPointstransfer points between two registered meshes
trivolumeCalculate volume between two states of a mesh
updateMeshlistreplace vertices in a meshlist with new values from an array
updateVerticesreplace vertices of a mesh
warpmovieMultimake a warpmovie with multiple registered meshes
wiremesh3dcreate a shaded wiremesh
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