Man pages for zatonovo/fractalrock
Generate fractal time series with non-normal returns distribution

fractalrock-packageGenerate fractal time series with non-normal returns...
gbmGeometric Brownian motion
heighwayGenerate the Heighway Dragon
holidaysCreate holiday calendar
intraday_ticksCreate intraday ticks
next.seedsCreate a new seed
ouOrnstein-Uhlenbeck process
plot_returnsPlot asset prices and returns for fractal analysis
polygonConstruct a polygon
radiansGet radians from degrees
rfractalCreate time series based on fractal generators
rgeneratorCreate a generator pattern for fractal generation
rinitiatorCreate an initiator pattern for fractal generation
rintradaySimulate intraday prices
rotationCreate a 2x2 rotation matrix
rpricesGenerate time series data based on different generators
sampleGeneratorsSample patterns for fractal generation of time series
sampleInitiatorsSample seed for fractal generation of time series
sierpinski3Generate the Sierpinski Gasket
sierpinski4Generate the Sierpinski Carpet
sierpinski5Generate the Sierpinski Pentagon
tileCreate random tiles
trading_datesGenerate trading dates with a given calendar
trading_hoursCreate trading hours
wienerWiener process
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