Development of this package moved to Gitlab, this repository is not updated regularly (if at all).


As this package is still in development, it can not yet be installed through CRAN.

This development version can, however, be installed using the devtools package:

if (!require('devtools')) install.packages('devtools')


After installation, load the package with:


See the help-files for some examples of the usage of the package.


To Do

  1. [x] fix DOCUMENTATION!
  2. [ ] class system for SUTs (own class for supply/use tables?) and/or IO, preferably using the R6 class system
  3. [ ] getter/setter methods for data points
  4. [ ] compute IO table from supply and use tables
  5. [ ] replace missings in sut tables
  6. [ ] adjust rows/cols in SUT before SUTRASing, eg, adjust exports/imports according to some external data
  7. [ ] doGRAS.long tests (in general more tests)
  8. [ ] Decomposing bilateral flows accordings to WWZ in RcppArmadillo

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