Man pages for zauster/riot
A package for functions related to input-output tables (IOTs)

doGRASDo the GRAS algorithm for updating matrizes
doGRAS.longDo the GRAS algorithm for a "long" data.table
doSUTRASDo the SUTRAS algorithm for updating supply and use tables
index_notiReturn a vector of indices except index i
isConsistentFunction to check the consistency of a SUT system
MAustrian national accounts data
m0Austria SUTs
rwCentralityCalculate random walk centrality
ShermanUpdateColUpdate the inverse by column
ShermanUpdateRowUpdate the inverse by row
sinvcInvert a column vector
sinvrInvert a row vector
ubarAustrian national accounts data
UdAustria SUTs
UmAustria SUTs
VAustria SUTs
xbarAustrian national accounts data
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