Man pages for ziyanyin/DEEE
DE EE Analysis

BHRejProduce a BHRej object
BHRejVecProduce a BHRejVec object
Cpp_orderThe order of a vector
Cpp_p_functionCalculate the p-value
Cpp_rankThe rank of a vector
DEEEProvide tools for DE and EE analysis.
DEEEAxisAdd axis
DEEEHeatCore function for heatmap.
DEEELegendAdd legends
GCwPADataAPreprocessed MAQC AFX data.
grpWVProduce a grpWV object
HeatMapPlot heat map
madWVProduce a grpWV object
medWVProduce a weave object with restrictions.
paraMergeMerge two lists
PCAProduce a PCA object.
p_functionCalculate the p-value
PIEGeneric function of PIE plot
PIE.BHRejVecPIE plot BHRejVec class.
plot.grpWVPlot method for grpWV class
plotMatCalcute the layout coordinates
plot.PCAThe plot method for a PCA object.
plot.samVecPlot methods of class samVec
plot.weavePlot method for weave class
samVecProduce a samVec object
weaveProduce a weave object.
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