Man pages for zky0708/2DImpute
Imputing scRNA-seq data from correlations in both dimensions

attractorFindingFind all co-expressed signatures in the expression matrix
attractorsExample output of function 'attractorFinding'
cappingExtreme values treatment
ddImputeRun ddImpute on an expression matrix
findDropoutsIdentify dropout-suspected zeros from all zero entries
ge_10x_sampleExample single-cell RNA-seq dataset
imputeByAttractorsImputation based on co-expressed gene attractor signatures
imputeByCellsImputation based on cell-to-cell relationships
imputedExample output of function 'ddImpute'
jaccard_indexCalculate pairwise Jaccard Index between cells
results1Example output of function 'findDropouts'
results2Example output of function 'imputeByAttractors'
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