Man pages for zrmacc/LFDR
Local False Discovery Rate Estimation

detMatrix Determinant
eNullEstimation of the Empirical Null
eNull.CMEstimate Empirical Null by Central Matching
eNull.TNMaximum Likelihood Estimation of the Empirical Null
FDRLocal False Disocery Rate
Fit.EFFit Exponential Family Density
fitTNEstimate Mean and Scale of Truncated Normal
HTruncated Normal Renormalizing Constant
infoTNTruncated Normal Observed Information
LFDR-helpLFDR: Local False Discovery Rate
matInvMatrix Inverse
matIPMatrix Inner Product
matQFMatrix Quadratic Form
MMPMatrix Matrix Product
qTNTruncated Normal Log Likelihood
rNMSimulated from Normal Mixture Model
rTNSimulated from Truncated Normal Distribution
Sample.EFSample Fitted Exponential Family
SchurCSchur complement
uTNTruncated Normal Score Equations
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