Man pages for zzawadz/DepthProc
Statistical Depth Functions for Multivariate Analysis

abline-RobReg-methodAdd line to plot
as.matrix-methodsas.matrix method for DepthCurveList.
asymmetryCurveAsymmetry curve based on depths
AsymmetryCurve-classAsymmetryCurve and AsymmetryCurveList
binningDepth2D2d Binning
combineDepthCurves-methodsAdds plots
cracow.airpollutionAir pollution with PM10 in Cracow within day and night in...
ddmvnormNormal depth versus depth plot
ddPlotDepth versus depth plot
deepReg2dSimple deepest regression method.
depthDepth calculation
depthContourApproximate depth contours
depthDensityDepth weighted density estimator
depthEuclidEuclidean Depth
depthLocalLocal depth
depthLPLP Depth
depthMahMahalanobis Depth
depthMedian-methodsDepth median
depthPerspPerspective plot for depth functions
depthProjectionProjection Depth
depthTukeyTukey Depth
fncBoxPlotFunctional boxplot based on Modified Band Depth
fncDepthBasic function for functional depths
fncDepthFMFM Depth
fncDepthMBDModified band depth
fncDepthMedianFunctional median
fncGetBandFunctional bands
franceRelation between minimum wage (MW) and unemployment rate (UR)...
FunctionalDepth-classFunctional Depth
getPlot-methodsCreate ggplot object from DepthCurve, DepthCurveList and...
inf.mortInfant mortality rate (0-1 year) per 1,000 live births
internet.usersInternet view data
katowice.airpollutionAir pollution in Katowice city by hour.
lsdAddContour-methodsAdds location scale depth contour to the existing plot.
LSDepth-classLocation-Scale depth class
LSDepthContour-classLocation-Scale depth contour class
lsdGetContour-methodsGet location-scale contour from LSDepthContour object.
lsdSampleDepthContoursCalculate sample Mizera and Muller Student depth contours
lsdSampleMaxDepthCalculates the maximum sample location-scale depth
maesles.immChildren 1 year old immunized against measles, percentage
mWilcoxonTestMultivariate Wilcoxon test for equality of dispersion.
plot-BinnDepth2d-ANY-method2d Binning plot
plot-DepthDensity-ANY-methodPlot function for DepthDensity.
plot-LSDepthContour-ANY-methodPlot Location-Scale depth contours.
plot-methodsMethod for plotting DepthCurve and DDPlot object.
runifsphereRandom number generation from unit sphere.
scaleCurveScale curve
ScaleCurve-classScaleCurve and ScaleCurveList
under5.mortChildren under 5 months mortality rate per 1,000 live births
USLABOURUS Labour dataset
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