CALIBERdatamanage: Data Management Tools for CALIBER Datasets

Data management tools for CALIBER datasets of electronic health records. The CALIBER programme is funded by the Wellcome Trust (086091/Z/08/Z) and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) under its Programme Grants for Applied Research programme (RP-PG-0407-10314). The author is supported by a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellowship (0938/30/Z/10/Z).

AuthorAnoop Shah [aut, cre], Harry Hemingway [ths], Aroon Hingorani [ths], Owen Nicholas [ths]
Date of publication2015-05-27 12:50:23
MaintainerAnoop Shah <>

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Man pages

addCategoryToCohort: Creates one row per patient from repeated categorical data

addCodelistToCohort: Adds information from categories based on a codelist

addToCohort: Generate a variable from repeat measures S3 methods to convert between FFDF and data.table

CALIBERdatamanage-package: Data Management Tools for CALIBER Datasets

chooseByPriority: Chooses an item from a vector according to a defined priority...

cohort: S3 class for cohort datasets (one row per patient)

cohortmethods: Functions for handling cohort objects

convertDates: Converts all date columns in a data.table from character to...

exportTable: Export a LaTeX table to file

extractCodes: Extract subset of data according to medcode (Read code),...

extractEntity: Extract and decode data from a CPRD GOLD format dataset

formatting: Format numerical results for export tables

importDT: Import a file to data.table

importFFDF: Import a file to flat file data.frame (FFDF)

istrue: Whether a vector is TRUE or FALSE, ignoring missing values

modifyDescription: Modify the description table for a data.frame, ffdf,...

multiforest: Produce multiple forest plots side by side

removeColumn: Remove columns from a cohort object

sdcToDate: Convert CPRD special date formats to IDate

setnames: Modify column names for ffdf, cohort or data.table objects

summaryStats: Calculate and format summary statistics

summaryTable: Create a publication summary table from a template

test_data: Sample CPRD GOLD format data

test_entity: Sample subset of the CPRD entity table

test_import: Test dataset for import functions

test_lookups: Sample lookups table

test_multiforest: Sample output specificaton for forest plot

test_multiforest2: Test data for multiforest function

textToDate: Convert dates in a wide variety of formats to IDate

transferVariables: Transfer variables from one dataset to another


addCategoryToCohort Man page
addCodelistToCohort Man page
addToCohort Man page
as.cohort Man page Man page Man page
as.ffdf.cohort Man page Man page
CALIBERdatamanage Man page
CALIBERdatamanage-package Man page
chooseByPriority Man page
cohort Man page
convertDates Man page
exportTable Man page
extractCodes Man page
extractEntity Man page
formatci Man page
formathr Man page
formatnum Man page
formatp Man page
GEN_SDCtoDate Man page
importDT Man page
importFFDF Man page
is.cohort Man page
isfalse Man page
istrue Man page
meansd Man page
merge.cohort Man page
modifyDescription Man page
multiforest Man page
multiforestPDF Man page
multiforestPNG Man page
nmissing Man page
npercent Man page
percent Man page
percentConf Man page
print.cohort Man page
purgeDescription Man page
removeColumns Man page
setnames Man page
setnames.cohort Man page Man page
setnames.ffdf Man page
subset.cohort Man page
summary.cohort Man page
summaryTable Man page
test_data Man page
test_entity Man page
test_import Man page
test_lookups Man page
test_multiforest Man page
test_multiforest2 Man page
textToDate Man page
transferColumns Man page
transferVariables Man page
YYYYMMDDtoDate Man page

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