Man pages for CALIBERdatamanage
Data Management Tools for CALIBER Datasets

addCategoryToCohortCreates one row per patient from repeated categorical data
addCodelistToCohortAdds information from categories based on a codelist
addToCohortGenerate a variable from repeat measures methods to convert between FFDF and data.table
CALIBERdatamanage-packageData Management Tools for CALIBER Datasets
chooseByPriorityChooses an item from a vector according to a defined priority...
cohortS3 class for cohort datasets (one row per patient)
cohortmethodsFunctions for handling cohort objects
convertDatesConverts all date columns in a data.table from character to...
exportTableExport a LaTeX table to file
extractCodesExtract subset of data according to medcode (Read code),...
extractEntityExtract and decode data from a CPRD GOLD format dataset
formattingFormat numerical results for export tables
importDTImport a file to data.table
importFFDFImport a file to flat file data.frame (FFDF)
istrueWhether a vector is TRUE or FALSE, ignoring missing values
modifyDescriptionModify the description table for a data.frame, ffdf,...
multiforestProduce multiple forest plots side by side
removeVariablesRemove columns from a cohort object
sdcToDateConvert CPRD special date formats to IDate
setnamesModify column names for ffdf, cohort or data.table objects
summaryStatsCalculate and format summary statistics
summaryTableCreate a publication summary table from a template
test_dataSample CPRD GOLD format data
test_entitySample subset of the CPRD entity table
test_importTest dataset for import functions
test_lookupsSample lookups table
test_multiforestSample output specificaton for forest plot
test_multiforest2Test data for multiforest function
textToDateConvert dates in a wide variety of formats to IDate
transferVariablesTransfer variables from one dataset to another
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