Man pages for CoModes
This package performs clustering for categorical dataset by using a conditional modes mixture model

acuteReal categorical data: acute
alzheimerReal categorical data: alzheimer
barplot-methodsBarplot of a class ['CoModesResults']
CoModesclusterCreate an instance of the ['CoModesResults'] class
CoModesCriteria-classConstructor of ['CoModesCriteria'] class
CoModesData-classConstructor of ['CoModesData'] class
CoModesIndiv-classConstructor of ['CoModesIndiv'] class
CoModesModel-classConstructor of ['CoModesModel'] class
CoModes-packageCoModes a package for clustering categorical data
CoModesParam-classConstructor of ['CoModesParam'] class
CoModesResults-classConstructor of ['CoModesResults'] class
lymphographyReal categorical data: lymphography
seabirdsReal categorical data: seabirds
summary-methodsSummary of a class ['CoModesResults']
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