Man pages for CulturalAnalytics
Functions for statistical analysis and plotting of image properties

birkhoffBirkhoff's aesthetic measure for images.
CulturalAnalytics-packageFunctions for analysis and plotting of image properties
dataFramePaletteQuantize RGB colours into a palette.
defaultStyleDefault graphics parameters.
imageAreaNormalisedGet the factors required to scale the images to an area of...
imageEntropyCalculate the entropy of the image
imagePlotConstruct a scatter plot using various elements including...
imagesConstruct a scatter plot of images
imageSummariesProduce summaries of image properties
imageToDataFrameConvert an image's pixels to a data.frame of RGB values.
imageToRgbConvert an image's pixels to a vector of RGB objects.
medianHsvCalculate the median HSV colour of an image.
medianRgbCalculate the median RGB colour of an image.
paletteToRConvert a palette to R colours
plotColourCloudPlot a colour histogram as a colour cloud.
plotIntensityHistogramPlots a histogram of the intensity of an image's pixels
plotPalettesPlot a palettes with optional labels
plotRgbHistogramPlot a colour histogram of an image
rangeHsvCalculate the range for each component of an HSV colour
rangeRgbCalculate the range for each component of an RGB colour
rgbImageHistCalculate a colour histogram for an RGB image data.frame
rgbToHsvConvert RGB values to HSV.
sdHsvCalculate the standard deviation of HSV colour values
sdRgbCalculate the standard deviation of RGB colour values.
sortPalettesSort palettes in order of brightness
summaryHsvSummarise the statistical properties of HSV colours.
summaryRgbSummarise the statistical properties of RGB colours.
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