CulturalAnalytics-package: Functions for analysis and plotting of image properties

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CulturalAnalytics provides functions for obtaining statistics such as the standard deviation and mean in the RGB and HSV colour spaces, for image entropy and histograms in greyscale (intensity) and colour, and for plotting colour clouds and image scatter charts.

This library uses several different representations for colours and images as required by the libraries it is based on and to make its own functions more efficient. Functions to convert between these representations are provided.

There are several main groups of functions: Functions containing the word “to” convert between representations. Functions with names beginning in “plot” will create a plot. Other functions calculate and operate on statistical properties and collections of properties.


Package: CulturalAnalytics
Type: Package
Version: 1.0
Date: 2011-10-31
License: GPL (>=3)
LazyLoad: yes

To use the library load it using library("CulturalAnalytics").

To load images for use with algorithms from the library you will need to use the jpeg and png libraries.


Rob Myers

Maintainer: Rob Myers <[email protected]>


The term “Cultural Analytics” was coined by Lev Manovich.

The colour histogram and colour cloud algorithms were adapted from work described by Sai Chaitanya Gaddam.


The image scatter plot was adapted from the documented behaviour of ImagePlot.


Some other algorithms were adapted from work described by Butler et al.


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