Man pages for DynTxRegime
Methods for Estimating Dynamic Treatment Regimes

bmiDataAdolescent BMI dataset (generated toy example)
buildModelObjSubsetCreate Model Objects for Subsets of Data.
class-DynTxRegimeClass '"DynTxRegime"'
DynTxRegime-packageMethods for Estimating Dynamic Treatment Regimes
iqLearnFSIQ-Learning: First-Stage Regression of Estimated Second-Stage...
iqLearnFSCIQ-Learning: First-Stage Regression of Second-Stage Estimated...
iqLearnSSIQ-Learning: Second-Stage Regression
iqLearnVarIQ-Learning: Variance of First-Stage Regression of...
methods-classifRetrieve Classification Value Object
methods-coefExtract Model Coefficients
methods-estimatorMean Predicted Outcome
methods-fitObjectModeling Function Value Objects
methods-fittedContExtract Fitted Contrast Functions
methods-fittedMainExtract Fitted Main Effects
methods-geneticRetrieve the Result of the Genetic Algorithm Optimization
methods-optTxMethods to Retrieve Estimated or to Predict Optimal Treatment
methods-outcomeRetrieve Regression Objects for the Outcome Regression Models
methods-plotGenerate Standard Plots
methods-propenRetrieve Regression Objects for Propensity for Treatment
methods-qqPlotIQ-Learning: Generate QQ-Plots for Variance Modeling .
methods-QstepStep of an DynTxRegime method
methods-regimeCoefRetrieve Regime Parameter Estimates
methods-residualsExtract Model Residuals
methods-showShow an Object
methods-stdDevStandard Deviation of IQ-Learning Variance Step
methods-summarySummary Results
methods-ValueFuncsQ-functions for All Treatment Options
optimalClassClassification Based Robust Estimation of Optimal Dynamic...
optimalSeqRegression Based Value-Search Estimation of Optimal Dynamic...
plugInValueEstimate Plug-in Value
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