Man pages for GWAtoolbox
GWAS Quality Control

annotateSNPs annotation with regions (e.g. genes).
dispersion_checkEffect estimates precision by sample size.
gwasformatFormatting of GWAS data files.
gwasqcQuality Control Of GWA Data
harmonizeThe harmonization of SNP identifiers and alleles.
harmonize_by_posThe harmonization of SNP identifiers and alleles.
independent_snpsSelection of independent SNPs.
kusk_checkComparison Of Skewness and Kurtosis of Effect between GWAS...
pannotateSNPs annotation with regions (e.g. genes).
pgwasformatFormatting of GWAS result files.
pgwasqcQuality Control Of GWA Data
reRandom Effects Heterogeneity Analysis.
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