HCgglasso: Group-Lasso with Hierarchical Clustering

Group-lasso with hierarchical clustering.

AuthorQuentin Grimonprez
Date of publication2016-09-09 09:14:18
MaintainerQuentin Grimonprez <quentin.grimonprez@inria.fr>
LicenseGPL (>=2)

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coef.cv.HCgglasso Man page
coef.HCgglasso Man page
cv.HCgglasso Man page
Ftest Man page
fullProcess Man page
HCgglasso Man page
HCgglasso-package Man page
hierarchicalFDR Man page
hierarchicalFWER Man page
listToMatrix Man page
overlapgglasso Man page
partialFtest Man page
plot.cv.HCgglasso Man page
plot.HCgglasso Man page
plot.stability.HCgglasso Man page
predict.cv.HCgglasso Man page
predict.HCgglasso Man page
selFDR Man page
selFWER Man page
simuBlockGaussian Man page
stability.HCgglasso Man page
uniqueGroupHclust Man page

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