Man pages for HITXML
Planning tools for ion beam therapy
dataSIS-classdataSIS structure
dataSPCClass for SPC
dataSpectrumConstructor for 'dataSpectrum' class
dataSpectrum-classClass for particle spectra
dose.GyDose for a spectrum
get.multivariate.weighted.histogramMultivariate histogram from weighted variable
HITXML-packagePackage to create XML plans for HIT.
Mass.Stopping.Power.MeV.cm2.gMass stopping power for all energy bins in a spectrum
plot-dataSpectrum-methodMethod plot
read.FLUKA.phase.spaceImport of phase space files scored with FLUKA
spectrumCreate empty spectrum function for interpolation of spc files with depth, was in...
total.n.particlesTotal number of particles in a spectrum
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