MatrixModels: Modelling With Sparse and Dense Matrices

Modelling with sparse and dense 'Matrix' matrices, using modular prediction and response module classes.

AuthorDouglas Bates <> and Martin Maechler <>
Date of publication2015-08-24 08:10:42
MaintainerMartin Maechler <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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coefficients,ANY-method Man page
coef,glpModel-method Man page
coerce,ddenseModelMatrix,predModule-method Man page
coerce,dsparseModelMatrix,predModule-method Man page
ddenseModelMatrix-class Man page
denseModelMatrix-class Man page
dPredModule-class Man page
dsparseModelMatrix-class Man page
fitted,glpModel-method Man page
fitted,respModule-method Man page
fitted.values,ANY-method Man page
formula,Model-method Man page
glm4 Man page
glmRespMod-class Man page
glpModel-class Man page Man page
mkRespMod Man page
Model-class Man page
model.Matrix Man page
modelMatrix-class Man page
nglmRespMod-class Man page
nlsRespMod-class Man page
predModule-class Man page
print,modelMatrix-method Man page
resid,ANY-method Man page
residuals,glmRespMod-method Man page
residuals,glpModel-method Man page
residuals,respModule-method Man page
respModule-class Man page
reweightPred Man page
reweightPred,dPredModule,matrix,numeric-method Man page
reweightPred-methods Man page
reweightPred,sPredModule,matrix,numeric-method Man page
show,modelMatrix-method Man page
solveCoef Man page
solveCoef,dPredModule-method Man page
solveCoef-methods Man page
solveCoef,sPredModule-method Man page
sparseModelMatrix-class Man page
sPredModule-class Man page
update,Model-method Man page
updateMu Man page
updateMu,glmRespMod,numeric-method Man page
updateMu-methods Man page
updateMu,nglmRespMod,numeric-method Man page
updateMu,nlsRespMod,numeric-method Man page
updateMu,respModule,numeric-method Man page
updateWts Man page
updateWts,glmRespMod-method Man page
updateWts-methods Man page
updateWts,respModule-method Man page

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