Man pages for MatrixModels
Modelling With Sparse and Dense Matrices

glm4Fitting Generalized Linear Models (using S4)
glpModel-classClass "glpModel" of General Linear Prediction Models Function for Sparse Linear Models
mkRespModCreate a respModule object
Model-classMother Class "Model" of all S4 Models
model.MatrixConstruct Possibly Sparse Design or Model Matrices
modelMatrix-classClass "modelMatrix" and SubClasses
predModule-classClass "predModule" and SubClasses
resid-et-alAliases for Model Extractors
respModule-class"respModule" and derived classes
reweightPredReweight Prediction Module Structure Internals
solveCoefSolve for the Coefficients or Coefficient Increment
updateMuUpdate 'mu', the Fitted Mean Response
updateWtsUpdate the Residual and X Weights - Generic and Methods
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