# remove extra identical feature vectors
CML500 <- removeDuplicateFeatures(CML500)
# jacc, pear, manh, euc
vis1 <- Mercator(CML500, "jacc", "mds", K=8)
vis2 <- Mercator(CML500, "sokal", "mds", K=8)
vis3 <- remapColors(vis1, vis2)

# par(mfrow=c(1,3),  cex=1.5)
plot(vis1@view[[1]], col=vis1@colv, pch=vis1@symv)
plot(vis2@view[[1]], col=vis2@colv, pch=vis2@symv)
plot(vis3@view[[1]], col=vis3@colv, pch=vis3@symv)

A <- recoverCluster(vis2)
B <- recoverCluster(vis3)
table(A, B)
X <- recoverCluster(vis1)
table(A, X)
table(B, X)

clus <- pam(vis1@distance, k = 12, diss=TRUE, cluster.only=TRUE)
vis4 <- recolor(vis1, clus)
plot(vis4@view[[1]], col=vis4@colv, pch=vis4@symv)

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