MethComp: Analysis of Method Comparison studies

Methods (standard and advanced) for analysis of agreement between measurement methods.

AuthorBendix Carstensen [aut, cre], Lyle Gurrin [ctb], Claus Ekstrom [ctb], Michal Figurski [ctb]
Date of publication2017-01-27 16:45:28
MaintainerBendix Carstensen <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

abconv: Derive linear conversion coefficients from a set of...

AltReg: Estimate in a method comparison model with replicates

Ancona: Data from a rating experiment of recorgnizing point counts.

BA.est: Bias and variance components for a Bland-Altman plot.

BA.plot: Bland-Altman plot of differences versus averages.

bothlines: Add regression lines to a plot

cardiac: Measurement of cardiac output by two different methods.

CardOutput: Measurements of Cardiac output.

check.MCmcmc: Functions to graphically assess the convergence of the...

corr.measures: Correlation measures for method comparison studies. Please...

DA.reg: Make a regression of differences on averages

Deming: Regression with errors in both variables (Deming regression)

Enzyme: Enzyme activity data

fat: Measurements of subcutaneous and visceral fat

glucose: Glucose measurements by different methods

hba1c: Measurements of HbA1c from Steno Diabetes Center

hba.MC: A MCmcmc object from the hba1c data

MCmcmc: Fit a model for method comparison studies using WinBUGS

Meth: Create a Meth object representing a method comparison study

MethComp: Summarize conversion equations and prediction intervals...

Meth.sim: Simulate a dataframe containing replicate measurements on the...

milk: Measurement of fat content of human milk by two different...

ox: Measurement of oxygen saturation in blood

ox.MC: A MCmcmc object from the oximetry data.

pbreg: Passing-Bablok regression

PEFR: Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR) measurements with Wright...

plot.MCmcmc: Plot estimated conversion lines and formulae.

plotpbreg: Passing-Bablok regression - plot method

plvol: Measurements of plasma volume measured by two different...

predictpbreg: Passing-Bablok regression - predict method

rainman: Perception of points in a swarm

sbp: Systolic blood pressure measured by three different methods.

sbp.MC: A MCmcmc object from the sbp data

scint: Relative renal function by Scintigraphy

TDI: Compute Lin's Total deviation index

to.wide: Functions to convert between long and wide representations of...

VitCap: Merits of two instruments designed to measure certain aspects...


abconv Man page
acf.MCmcmc Man page
AltReg Man page
Ancona Man page
BA.est Man page
BA.plot Man page
bias.BA.est Man page
bothlines Man page
cardiac Man page
CardOutput Man page
check.MCmcmc Man page
corr.measures Man page
DA2y Man page
DA.reg Man page
Deming Man page
ends Man page
Enzyme Man page
fat Man page
glucose Man page
hba1c Man page
hba.MC Man page
lines.MethComp Man page
max.Meth Man page
MCmcmc Man page
mcmc.MCmcmc Man page
mean.Meth Man page
median.Meth Man page
Meth Man page
MethComp Man page
Meth.sim Man page
middle Man page
milk Man page
min.Meth Man page
ox Man page
ox.MC Man page
pairs.MCmcmc Man page
PBreg Man page
PEFR Man page
plot.MCmcmc Man page
plot.Meth Man page
plot.MethComp Man page
plot.PBreg Man page
plvol Man page
points.MethComp Man page
post.MCmcmc Man page
predict.PBreg Man page
print.MCmcmc Man page
print.MethComp Man page
print.PBreg Man page
rainman Man page
sample.Meth Man page
sbp Man page
sbp.MC Man page
scint Man page
sort.Meth Man page
subset.MCmcmc Man page
subset.Meth Man page
summary.MCmcmc Man page
summary.Meth Man page
TDI Man page
to.long Man page
to.wide Man page
trace.MCmcmc Man page
transform.Meth Man page
VC.est Man page
VitCap Man page
y2DA Man page

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