MplusAutomation: Automating Mplus Model Estimation and Interpretation

The MplusAutomation package leverages the flexibility of the R language to automate latent variable model estimation and interpretation using Mplus, a powerful latent variable modeling program developed by Muthen and Muthen ( Specifically, MplusAutomation provides routines for creating related groups of models, running batches of models, and extracting and tabulating model parameters and fit statistics.

AuthorMichael Hallquist
Date of publication2013-02-15 05:44:03
MaintainerMichael Hallquist <> and Joshua Wiley <>

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compareModels Man page
createModels Man page
extractModelParameters Man page
extractModelSummaries Man page
extractModIndices Man page
getSavedata_Bparams Man page
getSavedata_Data Man page
getSavedata_Fileinfo Man page
HTMLSummaryTable Man page
LatexSummaryTable Man page
lookupTech1Parameter Man page
MplusAutomation Man page
MplusAutomation-package Man page
mplus.traceplot Man page
prepareMplusData Man page
readModels Man page
runModels Man page
runModels_Interactive Man page
showSummaryTable Man page
testBParamCompoundConstraint Man page
testBParamConstraint Man page

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