MuMIn: Multi-Model Inference

Model selection and model averaging based on information criteria (AICc and alike).

AuthorKamil Bartoń
Date of publication2016-11-21 14:20:49
MaintainerKamil Bartoń <>

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Man pages

AICc: Second-order Akaike Information Criterion

arm.glm: Adaptive Regression by Mixing

BGweights: Bates-Granger model weights

bootWeights: Bootstrap model weights

cos2weights: Cos-squared model weights

data-Beetle: Flour beetle mortality data

data-Cement: Cement hardening data

data-GPA: Grade Point Average data

dredge: Automated model selection

exprApply: Apply a function to calls inside an expression

get.models: Retrieve models from selection table

ICs: Various information criteria

importance: Relative variable importance

jackknifeWeights: Jackknifed model weights

loo: Leave-one-out cross-validation

manip-formula: Manipulate model formulas

merge.model.selection: Combine model selection tables

model.avg: Model averaging

model.sel: model selection table

model.selection.object: Description of Model Selection Objects

model-utils: Model utility functions

MuMIn-package: Multi-model inference

nested: Identify nested models

par.avg: Parameter averaging

pdredge: Automated model selection using parallel computation

plot: Visualize model selection table

predict.averaging: Predict method for averaged models

QAIC: Quasi AIC or AICc

QIC: QIC and quasi-Likelihood for GEE

r.squaredGLMM: Pseudo-R-squared for Generalized Mixed-Effect models

r.squaredLR: Likelihood-ratio based pseudo-R-squared

stackingWeights: Stacking model weights

std.coef: Standardized model coefficients

stdize: Standardize data

subset.model.selection: Subsetting model selection table

supported-classes: List of supported models

updateable: Make a function return updateable result

Weights: Akaike weights


AICc Man page
append.model.selection Man page
arm.glm Man page
armWeights Man page
Beetle Man page
beta.weights Man page
BGWeights Man page
bootWeights Man page
CAICF Man page
Cement Man page
coeffs Man page
coefTable Man page
coefTable.averaging Man page
coefTable.default Man page
coefTable.gee Man page
coefTable.lme Man page
cos2Weights Man page
Cp Man page
dc Man page
DIC Man page
dredge Man page
expand.formula Man page
exprApply Man page
gamm-wrapper Man page
getAllTerms Man page
getAllTerms.terms Man page
get_call Man page
get.models Man page
get.response Man page
GPA Man page
has Man page
IC Man page
ICOMP Man page
importance Man page
jackknifeWeights Man page
loo Man page
loo.default Man page
loo.lm Man page
Mallows' Cp Man page
merge.model.selection Man page
model.avg Man page
model.avg.default Man page
model.avg.model.selection Man page
model.names Man page
model.sel Man page
model.sel.default Man page
[.model.selection Man page
[[.model.selection Man page
model.selection.object Man page
model.sel.model.selection Man page
mod.sel Man page
MuMIn Man page
MuMIn-gamm Man page
MuMIn-models Man page
MuMIn-model-utils Man page
MuMIn-package Man page
nested Man page Man page
par.avg Man page Man page
pdredge Man page
pget.models Man page
plot.model.selection Man page
predict.averaging Man page
print.averaging Man page
print.model.selection Man page
QAIC Man page
QAICc Man page
QIC Man page
QICu Man page
quasiLik Man page
rbind.model.selection Man page
r.squaredGLMM Man page
r.squaredLR Man page
simplify.formula Man page
stackingWeights Man page
std.coef Man page
stdize Man page Man page
stdize.default Man page
stdizeFit Man page
stdize.formula Man page
stdize.logical Man page
subset.model.selection Man page
tTable Man page
uGamm Man page
updateable Man page
updateable2 Man page
V Man page
Weights Man page
Weights<- Man page


R/AICc.R R/Cp.R R/DIC.R R/ICOMP.R R/Weights.R R/arm.glm.R R/coefTable.R R/coeffs.R R/dredge.R R/ext-gamm.R R/ext-mark.R R/ext.R R/formulas.R R/get.models.R R/getAllTerms.R R/getModelArgs.R R/glm_fit.R R/importance.R R/init.R R/is.R R/loo.R R/makeArgs.R R/methods-logLik.R R/methods-nobs.R R/methods-predict.R R/model.avg.R R/model.sel.R R/model.selection.R R/modify.model.selection.R R/nested.R R/par.avg.R R/pdredge.R R/plots.R R/predict.R R/quasiLik.R R/r.squaredGLMM.R R/r.squaredLR.R R/rbind.model.selection.R R/simulateData.R R/std.coef.R R/stdize.R R/substitution.R R/termdeps.R R/updateable.R R/utils-debug.R R/utils-misc.R R/utils-models.R R/weights-bg.R R/weights-boot.R R/weights-cos2.R R/weights-jackknife.R R/weights-stacking.R R/xtable-methods.R
demo/dredge.distsamp.R demo/dredge.subset.R demo/dredge.varying.R demo/gees.R demo/pdredge.pcount.R
man/AICc.Rd man/BGweights.Rd man/ICs.Rd man/MuMIn-package.Rd man/QAIC.Rd man/QIC.Rd man/Weights.Rd man/arm.glm.Rd man/bootWeights.Rd man/cos2weights.Rd man/data-Beetle.Rd man/data-Cement.Rd man/data-GPA.Rd man/dredge.Rd man/exprApply.Rd man/get.models.Rd man/importance.Rd man/jackknifeWeights.Rd man/loo.Rd man/manip-formula.Rd man/merge.model.selection.Rd man/model-utils.Rd man/model.avg.Rd man/model.sel.Rd man/model.selection.object.Rd man/nested.Rd man/par.avg.Rd man/pdredge.Rd man/plot.Rd man/predict.averaging.Rd man/r.squaredGLMM.Rd man/r.squaredLR.Rd man/stackingWeights.Rd man/std.coef.Rd man/stdize.Rd man/subset.model.selection.Rd man/supported-classes.Rd man/updateable.Rd
tests/classes.R tests/coxme.R tests/gam-smooth-consitency.R tests/misc-tests.R tests/parallel.R tests/r_squared_glmm.R tests/singularities.R tests/unmarked.R

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