Man pages for NISTopt
Nonlinear least squares examples from NIST in form of functions for optim() and optimx()

Bennett5_optMagentization modelling
Chwirut1_optUltrasonic calibration study 1
Chwirut2_optUltrasonic calibration data 2
DanielWood_optRadiated energy
Eckerle4_optCircular interference data
ENSO_optAtmospheric pressure differences
Gauss1_optGenerated data
Gauss2_optGenerated data
Gauss3_optGenerated data
Hahn1_optThermal expansion data
Kirby2_optMicroscope line width standards
Lanczos1_optGenerated data
Lanczos2_optGenerated data
Lanczos3_optGenerated data
MGH09_optMore, Gabrow and Hillstrom example 9
MGH10_optMore, Gabrow and Hillstrom example 10
MGH17_optMore, Gabrow and Hillstrom example 17
Misra1a_optMonomolecular Absorption Data
Misra1b_optMonomolecular Absorption Data
Misra1c_optMonomolecular Absorption data
Misra1d_optMonomolecular Absorption data
Nelson_optDialectric breakdown data
Ratkowsky2_optPasture yield data
Ratkowsky3_optOnion growth data
Roszman1_optQuantum defects in iodine
Thurber_optElectron mobility data
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