Man pages for NRAIA
Data sets from "Nonlinear Regression Analysis and Its Applications"

BOD2Biochemical Oxygen Demand
ChlorideChloride ion concentrations
CoalCoal liquefaction data
EthylEthyl Acrylate data
IsomIsomerization data
LeavesGrowth of Leaves
LipoLipoprotein concentrations
LubricantViscosity of lubricants
NitrenNitrendipene data
NitriteNitrite utilization by bean leaves
OilshalePyrolysis of Oil Shale
O.xyleneO-xylene reaction data
PCBPCB concentrations in Lake Cayuga fish
PineneAlpha-pinene and by-products
Pinene2Alpha-pinene and by-products
plotfitPlot x-y data and a fitted model
RumfordCount Rumford's cooling data
Sacch2Pharmacokinetics of saccharin
SaccharinElimination of saccharin
sPMMAsyndiotactic poly-methyl-methacrylate
SSChwirutChiwrut model for ultrasonic response
SSRichardsRichards Growth Model
SulfiPharmacokinetics of sulfisoxazole
TetraTetracycline concentrations
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